Monday, February 24, 2014

KC Ambush - 12th Annual Spring Kickoff Tournament

This weekend was the first tournament for KC Ambush.  The boys have been so tired of practicing and were ready to play a game.  They started out the weekend with a W.  They played amazing!  Even turning a triple play!!  The second game didn't go so well and they lost to the JETS.  Sundays game started out great but after a couple bad plays the boys fell apart.  They lost this game which meant they had to play again for second place in their bracket.  The second game was much better.  Their attitudes had changed for the better and they were able to play as a team.  The pulled it out and won to the mercy rule in the 4th inning.

They even won RINGS!!  I don't know the significance but apparently it is huge to a 9 year old boy.

Here's to an awesome start to our travel ball life.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hard Decisions

Everyone knows parenting is full of difficult decisions.  I always hope and pray we are making the right choices.  Last month we made the very difficult decision to remove Harlyn from public middle school.  She was struggling with all aspects of middle school.  After an entire semester of crying, complaining and failing most of her classes (including Chorus) we enrolled her in a virtual charter school.


SC Calvert Academy has turned out to be a blessing and a challenge all at the same time.

Blessings:  Harlyn likes it, she is doing really really well, evenings are better for the entire family.

Challenges:  changes in my schedule, Harlyn is ALWAYS with me, NO SNOW days so catching up can be hard.

I read about how difficult the transition could be.  Most parents said that after a semester or so things settled down and a routine would follow.  I personally cannot stand not having a routine.  We are working hard to stick to a strict schedule.  I am working hard at playing so many roles at one time.  Harlyn is working hard at being a good student.

Some days she works beside me.

Some days she works in her "office".

Some days she works in the sun of the living room floor.

Wish us luck in this adventure!


Thursday, February 13, 2014


In all my life I don't think I have seen this much snow in South Carolina!

Two weeks ago we had snow.  A lot!  For us anyway.  I walked outside took some pictures and went back to work.  Rick took the kids to play.  He loves snow and turns in to 'vacation rick' as soon as it is mentioned on the news.
Now we have more snow!  It has been snowing off and on since Tuesday.  I don't really care for being cold so it isn't my favorite thing.  Thankfully, I have Rick to balance things out and entertain the 'lets play all the time' 'who cares if our toes are freezing off' kids.

After playing in the snow Harlyn's feet were cold so her Grandma Nerva rubbed them back to life for her.  Yes, she is spoiled!!

Baxter enjoys the fire much more than the snow.