Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to School, Already??

Back in June, I was thinking the summer would never end.  I was struggling getting into a routine with work and the kids being home all day.  I was questioning my excitement about summer. I was dreaming about getting away for a few days.

Fast forward to this week.  Harlyn and Hudson are back at school.  They are both feeling renewed and excited about new friends, schedules, schools and teachers.  Me?  I am going to miss them terribly!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cape San Blas, How I LOVE You!

Words cannot describe how much I love this place.  I am sure there are other beautiful quiet beaches but I love this one.

I love that Rick and Hudson can go fish in the bay right behind the beach.

I love that they can go scalloping.

I love that there aren't a lot of people.

I love the clear green water of the Gulf.

I love that there isn't a place to play putt putt or a water park.

I love that I can take Clyde.

I love that I lay on the beach and read a book, go for a swim, go up to the house take a shower, have fresh dinner, watch the sunset and play some cards before going to bed.  Everyday for an entire week!

Stress Free!  No chaos and very little complaining from the kids.

Without further ado, here are some awesome pics from the week.


Monday, August 11, 2014

13 Years Ago!

13 years ago, I was 21!
13 years ago, I stood waiting for my turn behind the fence at the Kershaw-Cornwallis House.
13 years ago, my dad said, "Are you sure?"
13 years ago, Mindy was attacked by a bumble bee.  She whispered, "I'm sorry."
13 years ago, Rick said, "I Will" and then "I do".
13 years ago, we had the most amazing wedding ever!

It's funny the things I remember!  If you didn't guess already, it's our 13th Anniversary.

I can already tell it's going to be a different year than all the rest.  There are going to be different struggles and different times of joy.

Here's to our crazy version of happily ever after!  Now we are off to The Bahamas to celebrate!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Rafting in Hot Springs

For July 4th weekend we packed up the TENT and headed to Hot Springs, North Carolina.  Hot Springs is a beautiful little mountain town full of hippies and hikers.

The Appalachian Trail actually goes straight down the sidewalk of Main Street.

We stayed at Creek Ridge Campground.  We were literally on the side of the mountain.

To get to the creek you had to hike a dangerous trail straight down and straight back up.  I saw the creek one time!

Hudson caught a water snake.

Saturday we went on a guided white water rafting trip down the French Broad River.  We had the best guide, Tater.  He was 'groovy'!  Somehow I didn't get a picture of him but I did get absolutely the most unflattering photo of me! Ughh!

We had a full day trip so we stopped on the river bank for a yummy lunch and photos of course.

Saturday night, the town of Hot Springs hosted a Freedom Festival.  We had dinner outside while a band played, then we went down to the town green and watched fireworks.  It was awesome!