Thursday, January 15, 2015

to be honest

With a blog name like happy street you would think I am trying to portray a perfect life. That is far from the truth.  It isn't always happy around here.  We have a 12 year old daughter for goodness sake!  Honestly, I post about the things that make me happy to remind myself of these moments.  It's not that I am lying about our lives; I am just sharing the highlights.

To be honest...
My house is always a mess, even when I clean it and organize and obsess, it goes straight back to a cluttered mess.

To be honest...
Even though I work from home I still resent the fact that I have to work.  I feel guilty that I can't go on field trips or have lunch with my kids at school.

To be honest...
Marriage is hard.  We have lots of ups and downs.  When we are up it is awesome but when we are down it is really bad.  Rick and I don't really have an in between.

To be honest...
I don't always love being a mom.  Sometimes I wish someone could make the tough decisions for me.  I just don't want to mess up.

I see this across so many blogs.  Perfect moms, perfect homes, perfect kids, perfect food, perfect exercise.  So I guess everyone is only sharing highlights.  Life is hard there are real struggles that everyone deals with.  Where are these bloggers?  Or are they there just not popular because no one wants to read someone complaining.  Which brings me to i complaining?  No, hardly.  I am just trying to bring a bit more honesty to Happy Street.

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