Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pee Wee Football and my Nerves

After lengthy and heated discussions Hudson was signed up to play Pee Wee football.  I was so nervous for him and his safety.  Hudson was SO excited!  He was over the moon when they picked up his equipment.

Rick is going to be an assistant coach which is good and bad.  After the first practice Hudson was ready to quit.  Why?  He wasn't good.  One thing about Hudson is he wants to be the best at everything.  If he isn't he will practice until he is, research it on YouTube or just quit.  Each day I didn't know if he was going to want to go or be upset.  Rick and I stuck to our guns about having to keep his commitment to the team.  It was so hard for me!  I wanted to hold him in my arms and say "I know it hurts, you don't have to play if you don't want to."

Then one day a few weeks ago he liked it.  He was beginning to get the hang of the plays.  He was starting to understand the concept of football.

When the Patriots had their first real game I was impressed.  Now I am a proud mama, but not usually one to be very vocal about it.  Hudson did AWESOME!  Hudson played almost the entire game both offense and defense.  He was engaged and serious!  He knew the plays and seemed to have his every move planned out.  I was glad to see that he was pretty good at avoiding being tackled.

I am happy to report that the Patriots won the game 38 to 7 against the Colts.

Here's to a great football season!

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