Friday, May 23, 2014

Hudson's Awesome Room

Last week Hudson turned 10!  10 I tell you!  To celebrate his birthday he and Rick planned a camping trip down the river.  Hudson is the only one that is really 'outdoorsy' in his friend group.  So all of his best grown up friends went with them.

While they were gone Harlyn, my mom and me worked like crazy to make over his bedroom.  We had promised as soon as our old house sold his room would be the first to get a face lift.  Ever since we moved in his room has just been a weird modpodge of disorganization.

I know it is an awful terrible mess!  I am embarrassed!

First, we emptied the room, threw away half of what was in there and started removing wallpaper.  I must say the person that invented wallpaper was an idiot.  That was the worst part of the entire weekend.

After most of the wallpaper was removed and sanded we started painting the room this weird moss color.

Someone went a little crazy with the paint!

Sunday morning we put the room back together and decorated.  He wanted a hunting room.

 We took the posters from the Sportsman's Classic and framed them.  The headboard is made of saw grass that is used to cover hunting blinds.  His night stand is two stumps.  For the curtains I used canvas drop clothes from the painting section.  I think it turned out really nice.  Not too little boyish and not too grown up.

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