Wednesday, May 14, 2014

National Archery Tournament

After placing 2nd in the state competition, Hudson's school was headed to the national tournament in Louisville, Kentucky.  We had such a good time.  The teachers that planned the activities did such a good job.  Everything was interactive and interesting.  There wasn't a lot of free time which worked out so well.

Thursday:  We drove to Kentucky.  Hudson rode the bus with the team.  Rick drove me.

After the kids were settle into their rooms with their 'Big' we held a parent meeting in the lounge to watch the draft.

Friday:  We visited the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.  The tour of the factory was really interesting but they didn't allow you to take photos.

After Louisville Slugger, we had lunch at TGI Fridays in the city center.  Once back at the hotel, we headed off to Churchill Downs.  This was fun!  We saw two races and Rick bet on one.  We were NOT big winners!

Dinner for the kids was pizza in the park.

Rick and I opted for something a little quieter and went to the Spaghetti Factory.  It was super yummy!

We went and settled into the room early Friday night. Thursday was a late night ;(  We had an awesome view from our room on the 23rd floor of the Galt House Hotel.  It was so beautiful after the evening rain shower.

Saturday:  Tournament Day!  After breakfast we headed straight to the fairgrounds.  The team had their picture made and then it was time for them to line up and shoot.

Hudson did really well the first 10 meter round.  When he moved back to 15 meters something happened and he lost it.  He was shooting crazy and became very upset.  Once all the drama was over and he was back to normal we went to see the booths and he and Rick played some games.

The team loaded the buses and headed back home.  We kept Hudson with us and headed to Cincinnati.  Ricks cousin Jon and his wife Wendi were so gracious to host us in their home.  Hudson was glad to see his cousins.  Rick and I both commented that even though they only see each other once a year it is amazing how it is like no time was lost.  Cousins!  We took the boys to the Reds game that night.  We ate, cheered on the Reds and left in the 6th because they were getting hammered!

(How do you get good photos of kids that move constantly?)

Sunday:  Mother's Day.  At 7:30 we woke up and slid Hudson into the car and started back towards South Carolina.  Its fun to go away but great to come home.

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